Energy Conservation goes a fair way

Always willing go the whole nine yards in support of our clients, our energetic team took to the lynx this September for the 2018 golf challenge. With engineers on hand to share their power saving expertise, Energy Conservation made a connection with installers and electricians at the coalface of the industry who otherwise might not be aware of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. As it turned out, we found we were able to create rewards for golfing efficiency just as we do for energy savings!


Presenting Ben

Our intrepid Senior Project Manager Ben Champion was recently photographed in his natural habitat delivering an energy efficiency workshop. On this occasion, a valuable training session followed by breakfast bbq helped a group of switched-on electricians keen to become effective service providers under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and win those efficiency upgrade projects. An informative and enjoyable time was had by all!


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Servicing regional areas

Energy Conservation delivering power to save

With the first procurement activity under the NSW Govt Energy Affordability Package, Energy Conservation have been subsidised by the NSW Government to deliver energy savings upgrades to small businesses across regional NSW. Working closely with our regional partners EC will assist small businesses with upgrades to more energy efficient lighting, reducing their energy consumption and providing long-term cost savings on their electricity bills. Further information is available by visiting the Power to Save website, while a brochure outlining the program is available here. 

ESS Rule Change Finalised

Commercial Lighting Countdown

The Countdown is on to November!

Amendments to the NSW ESS Rule were gazetted on 20 April 2018.

These includes changes to commercial lighting asset lifetime values that will reduce the number of Energy Savings Certificates able to be created by most commercial lighting upgrades by 26-27%.
These changes will be effective from 1st November 2018.


To ensure you get the full certificate value from your upgrade,
the time to act is now.

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Upcoming Rule Change

CLF Breaking News


Currently undergoing final amendment, draft changes to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme indicate that the number of Energy Savings Certificates created by most commercial lighting upgrades may soon be cut by between 22-33%.

Finalised amendments are planned to commence 31 July 2018
and apply to most commercial lighting applications.

To ensure you get the full certificate value from your upgrade,
the time to act is now!

Call Energy Conservation on (02) 9660 9997 to register your project
and secure the most value from your commercial lighting upgrade.


Energy Conservation goes (to the) green

A great day was had by all last Wednesday at the Facility Management Association of Australia Golf Day. Energy Conservation sponsored the 8th hole and raised money for the Kids' Cancer Project. Our team member Jessica braved the elements to bring a smile to the players' faces with her marshmallow game! Big thanks to everyone involved.

EC supplies to Procurement Australia

Energy Conservation recently became an approved supplier of energy efficiency services to members of Procurement Australia, one of Australia’s largest buying groups with over 700 member businesses across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Their well-governed tender processes connect their members to industry best practice services, delivering the best results and saving them time & money in procurement.

Energy Conservation completes ISO 50001

During a recent trip to Singapore, Energy Conservation engineers Jens Mozer and Maximilian Brownstein attended and passed the Lead Auditor training course for ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems). Based on the management system model of continuous improvement also used for other well-known standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, this standard makes it easier for organisations to integrate energy management into their overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management. Congratulations to Max and Jens, who alongside their exisiting accreditations are now qualified to conduct audits according to this respected international standard.

Would you like to achieve energy efficiency and identify energy efficiency opportunities, whatever the nature of your business? Is your organisation seeking professionally trained auditors to help you maintain your ISO 50001 certification? Contact us today!

Energy Conservation visits Visy

Following our recent waste audit, we asked, “what happens to this recycling once it leaves the building?” It was important for us to learn the answer to better educate our building’s tenants about what should and shouldn’t be included in their recycling bins. We found out that the recycling is first taken a waste transfer station in St Peters before being transported to the Visy Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Smithfield. So, to learn more we took a private tour of this facility to see the sorting for ourselves!

We saw first-hand what happens to items that are placed into our building’s recycling bins: which are recycled on-site (and how), and which are viewed as contamination to be removed from the recycling stream and sent to landfill. Whatever is left over is either sent for further processing and recovery at other facilities or collected to be used as fuel for energy recovery. This video from Visy is a great summary of what we saw in action.

Whether any individual item can be recycled from our building depends entirely on the processes and specialised sorting machinery present at Visy Smithfield- because that's where it all ends up! One valuable learning for our building was that their disposable coffee cups are not recyclable at this facility. The same relationship between recyclability and service availability exists throughout Australia, so learn which services are available in your area to make sure you recycle right.

Art Gallery Head Over Heels with Energy Conservation

Cooling just got cheaper at the Art Gallery of NSW, with the upgrade of old fluid chillers saving more than $140,000 per year at contemporary pricing. 

Energy Conservation provided accurate modelling and third-party verification of energy savings under the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, allowing funding to be granted under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme which significantly offset project costs. Read more about it here.