In order to manage, you must measure.

Energy and waste charges have risen rapidly in recent years. Power network infrastructure investment, safety and environmental issues, government policies and pressure on resources like fuels and land have led to increased prices. But these are not fixed costs - they are variable and can be reduced with efficient management.

Smart businesses don’t let costs keep going up. They take steps to control them.

Efficiency improvements can reduce energy consumption and waste creation.
By helping you identify and implement efficiency measures, we can help you to achieve financial savings. 

Take control of your resource costs today.



Financial: Lower costs will improve your competitiveness and enhance profitability.
Competition: Better energy and waste efficiency provide a more competitive market position.
Customer Acquisition & Retention:Many businesses now evaluate how their suppliers and their offices rate in terms of sustainability and resource efficiency.
Consumer Engagement: Environmental stewardship & Corporate Social Responsibility are increasingly important to consumers.
Risk Management: Exposure to energy price fluctuations, future carbon liabilities, and supply chain pressures can be mitigated through planning for reduced consumption.
Team Motivation & Public Relations:Members of your team and the community will be pleased you are taking actions to become more efficient & environmentally friendly.



Talk to Energy Conservation for an initial review and action plan. Depending on your situation, we may recommend:
•Simple actions to change your retail or network energy prices or waste arrangements to save money at minimal cost.
•Equipment upgrades which will provide rapid pay-back on your investment and may attract financial incentives.
•Sub-metering or thermal analysis of energy systems to identify the best efficiency options.
•An audit to provide a detailed analysis of your current energy consumption, recommendations on energy saving measures and financial cases for the best savings options.

Once you decide which steps to take we can help you implement them. We can:
•Negotiate with energy retailers and network operators to obtain better tariff arrangements.
•Specify equipment, source and evaluate suppliers, negotiate pricing and delivery, supervise installation, assess performance and rectify any issues.
•Create tradeable Energy Saving Certificates and apply for equipment or project grants.

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Our audits will identify the most promising energy-saving actions, with information on potential cost savings, the capital cost of implementation and the return on investment.

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Waste charges in NSW are the highest in Australia and continue to rise. Diverting more waste to recycling can cut costs and enhance the image of your business.

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Government financial incentives exist for businesses to implement energy efficiency programs.
ESCs, VEECs, and other funding models are available to help you make the change today.

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