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Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson has wide experience promoting energy efficiency & waste management solutions to business through assessments & advice, and specialises in accessing funding rebates that assist companies to reduce energy & waste costs and improve sustainability. Previously Rob worked as an Australian diplomat (Malaysia, India, China) and Global Clean Energy Network Manager, gaining extensive knowledge of the clean energy sector and business practices in Asia.


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Jens Mozer
Technical Director


Jens Mozer (MIEAust) is a highly qualified mechanical engineer and Energy Conservation’s Lead Energy Auditor for the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Energy Efficiency Professional Services Panel. Jens is certified by the Association of Energy Engineers as an Energy Manager (CEM) and Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP), and has been conducting energy audits on residential, commercial and industrial facilities for over seven years. Jens is also certified by the Energy Efficiency Council as an Energy Efficiency Specialist in Commercial Buildings and is skilled in energy audits for all types of building and site to AS/NZ standard 3598:2014 levels 1-3. Jens graduated from Hogeschool Rotterdam.


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Mourace Ding
Project Coordinator
& Lighting Engineer


Mourace Ding (ME, AssocIES, MAIE) is a skilled lead engineer specialising in energy auditing, lighting design & simulation and renewable energy (photovoltaic). With significant experience in product testing & approval, technology certification and delivery of government funding, Mourace is an expert in managing energy efficiency projects within the commercial & industrial lighting sector and has rescued multiple projects which other ACPs found too complex. Mourace holds double master’s degrees in engineering, is an accredited NABERS assessor and member of the Illuminating Engineering Society and the Australian Institute of Energy. 


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Ben Champion
Business Relationship Manager

Ben Champion excels at developing new opportunities in energy & waste efficiency such as delivery of government funding programs while expanding existing partnerships with key clients, contractors, and stakeholders. An experienced Project Manager, Ben is passionate about building long term partnerships that improve clients’ profits while reducing environmental impacts such as carbon footprint.