NABERS ENERGY for apartments

Energy Conservation employs multiple NABERS Energy accredited assessors who can help your apartment building to gain a rating under Australia’s most successful environmental program for buildings.

Our accredited assessors can rate apartment buildings for energy use and water consumption, benchmarking your building’s performance against market competitors and providing numerous benefits to owners and tenants alike.

We can also provide assessors to deliver similar services to benefit office buildings and hotels.

Contact us today to learn how we can work with you to make acquiring a rating a hassle-free process.


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Energy Assessments

Energy Conservation delivers energy audits for all types of building and site to Levels 1 to 3 Australia New Zealand Standard 2014:3598.  

A full audit identifies the best solutions for more complex situations and technologies.  We can also deliver you a streamlined energy assessment focused on particular areas of your site or business with the best potential to save energy and money.  Steps in an audit or assessment include:

  • Initial on-site discussions with key stakeholders to identify issues and priorities

  • Assessment of electricity bills, retail and network tariffs and analysis of meter data

  • Site inspection to assess key energy using plant & equipment

  • Where appropriate, sub-metering of equipment, and/or thermal imaging to determine temperatures and insulation properties

  • Establishment of energy use by equipment types

  • Identification of potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)

  • Further discussion with stakeholders to select most suitable ECM for investigation

  • Presentation of outcomes to stakeholders and delivery of assessment/audit report

  • Preparation of a suitable implementation strategy

Our presentation and report will summarise the most promising energy-saving actions, with information on potential cost savings, the capital cost of implementing actions and the return on investment. This provides you with the basis for a sound plan to implement actions and take control of your energy costs.


Energy Conservation’s technical skills are provided by highly qualified Engineers. We have specialised measurement equipment which we deploy to accurately assess the performance of Lighting and HVAC systems. A disciplined approach to energy and equipment analysis enables us to provide reliable advice. We can provide specialised engineering services including:
•HVAC System Analysis
•Thermal imaging
•Solar PV Analysis
•Lighting Measurement and Design


Energy Conservation offers high-quality skills and resources for planning and delivery of energy efficient projects. Our aim is to become your trusted agent for stress-free implementation of energy efficiency measures. We can:
•Prepare implementation plans and scope of works
•Develop equipment specifications and designs
•Prepare bid documentation and source and evaluate suppliers
•Negotiate best prices and delivery schedules
•Provide quality management to ensure works are carried out as per the agreed scope
•Review newly installed or reprogrammed equipment to ensure it is properly commissioned and optimised for performance and efficiency
•Measure post-project performance and verify energy savings